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1010 BEAUTY OF THE BROMELIADS - T. Lea (1984). Out of print, but we found a small stash in Australia! A great color photo booklet showing 62 fine large format color photos of popular bromeliads. Each picture is accompanied by text which informally describes the plant. A great addition for any bromeliad lover's library. 34 pages, 7-½" x 9-½", staplebound.$5.95

BLOOMING BROMELIADS (In Spanish & German editions ONLY, but with entire English translation)---A. Baensch (1994).  Sadly, the English version of this book is now out of print, but we do still offer the Spanish edition, and also the German edition. HOWEVER—when you purchase either of these editions, it now comes with a separate 137-page English of the entire Spanish and German editions.  So as you can turn each page of the Bromeliad book, you can turn to that same page in the English translation book and read it in its entirety.  Exquisitely produced!  Quite possibly the best looking coffee table book on bromeliads ever published!  Over 1,000 color photos.  Comprehensive information on all genera and species.  For the novice and experienced grower alike.  All bromeliad lovers MUST have this book.  274 pages, 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound w/color dustjacket. (See below for different editions available).


1016-A  BLOOMING BROMELIADS---Spanish Edition (w/English translation)………….No Longer Available

1016-B  BLOOMING BROMELIADS---German Edition (w/English translation)………….No Longer Available

No Longer Available
1025 BOOK OF BROMELIADS-And Hawaiian Tropical Flowers - R.Parkhurst (1999). Written primarily as a bromeliad guide to landscaping, cut flowers, and live floral arrangements, it is an absolute MUST for all bromeliad growers who wish to have a coffee-table type book of beautiful bromeliad flowers! Includes chapters on growing/caring of bromeliads, diseases and pests of bromeliads; plus individual chapters on Aechmeas, Billbergias, Cryptanthus, Guzmanias, Neoregelias, Vriseas, Tillandsias, other bromeliad families. In addition, there are chapters on cut flowers and live floral arrangements, landscaping, orchids and other tropicals, and a glossary. 676 large format color photos-absolutely GEORGEOUS! You will love this book!! 216 pages, 9" x 11", hardbound. A very reasonable price of only...........$39.95
1040 BROMELIACEAE - D.Benzing (2000). This highly technical book presents a synthesis of the extensive information available on the biology of the Bromeliaceae, a largely neo-tropical family of about 2,700 described species. The author emphasizes reproductive and vegetative structure, related physiology, ecology, and evolution---rather than floristics and taxonomy. Main chapter includes (a) relationships with fauna; (b) cryptanthus; (c) tillandsioideae; (d) reproduction and life history; (e) ethnobotany and endangered Bromeliaceae, more. The book, concentrating on functions and underlying mechanisms of the Bromeliaceae, will round out a literature that otherwise mostly ignores basic biology in favor of taxonomy and horticulture. 28 pages of b/w photos, 86 line diagrams, 56 tables. 708 pages, 6" x 9", hardbound$159.95
1045 BROMELIACEAE III -F.Oliva-Esteve (2002). This is Mr. Oliva's third book exclusively on bromeliads, and is richly illustrated with color photographs and line drawings throughout. A total of 320 bromeliad species from throughout the Neotropics (representing 29 genera) are described and pictured. Spectacular habitat photographs set the scene for the plants. There are a whopping 564 color photos, 18 color/b&w line drawings, 274 pages. 9-3/4” x 13”, hardbound$94.95
1050 BROMELIACEAE OF VENEZUELA - F. Oliva-Esteve/J. Steyermark. (1987). A monumental treatment of Bromeliaceae specifically from Venezuela. A mass of diversified reference material accompanied by 475 brilliant professional color photos. A valuable piece of work for the beginner to advanced Bromeliad collector. 400 pages, 9-½" x 11", hardbound w/color dustjacket. Limited quantities available$79.95
1060BROMELIAD POSTCARDS - Six beautiful 4" x 6" color postcards of different bromeliads--------($2.95/(set of 6)
1065 BROMELIADS -F.Oliva-Esteve (2000). Weighing in at a massive 7-1/2 pounds, and 1-½" thick, this magnificent brand new book presents an amazing treatment of hundreds of species representing 47 genera, including some never before illustrated species---a whopping 980 beautiful color photos. In addition to photos and text covering descriptions of 59 aechmeas, 55 guzmanias, 25 navias, 34 pitcairnias, 11 puyas and 124 tillandsias, the book also contains informative aricles by some of the most respected names in the bromeliad world (Julian Steyermark, Joseph Bogner, Lyman Smith, Richard Evans Schultes, etc.). One of the most spectacular must-have bromeliad books ever! 460 pages, 10-½" x 14", hardbound w/sturdy glossy dustjacket.  Add $6.00 Extra for U.S.A. Shipping $149.95
1110 BROMELIADS FOR THE CONTEMPORARY GARDEN – A.Steens (2003). Excellent book for the beginner, enthusiast, and connoisseur alike, this brand new book also has much to offer landscapers and home gardeners. Includes descriptions and cultivation information for hundreds of species and cultivars (more than 200 species and cultivars in 28 genera, from Aechmea to Vriesea). Over 300 color photos capture the beauty of many different types of bromeliads. Bromeliads have striking forms, unusual colors, and easy-care reputation---and are becoming an increasingly important design element in many contemporary gardens. This book will help gardeners choose plants that are best suited to their design requirements and garden conditions. Don't miss out on this wonderful new bromeliad book. 198 pages, 300+ color photos, 8-1/2” x 10-1/4”, hardbound w/color d/j……… $29.95
1124 Bromeliads in the Brazilian wilderness  - Elton M.C. Leme and Luiz Claudio Marigo (1993) This beautiful volume on the Bromeliads of Brazil has been hard to get.  We just got in a good supply so order yours today.  184 pages and loaded with gorgeous photographs of both the Brazilian wilderness and of course Bromeliads.  Hardbound with color dust jacket. $64.95
1125CUMULATIVE INDEX OF BULLETINS OF BROM. SOCIETY - VOL. I-XXX (1951-80) - C. Reed (1981). Gives complete index to original articles by authors, then an alphabetical listing of people mentioned in the text and where + index to photos, bot./herb. gardens, societies, and a taxonomic index. Now out of print. 179 pages, 6" x 9", softbound$6.95
1140-AFLORA NEOTROPICA MONOGRAPH NO. 14, Part 1 : PITCAIRNIOIDEAE - L. Smith. (1974). Monumental definitive monograph. Contains 58 pages of general information about the family by several collaborators, and detailed bibliography of cited references. Remainder of this volume is devoted to keys and descriptions, distributional maps. and key. 212 b/w figures (drawings); 660 pages, 6-¼" x 9-¼", softbound$64.95
 1140-BFLORA NEOTROPICA MONOGRAPH NO. 14, Part 2 : TILLANDSIOIDEAE - L. Smith (1977). Similar type of book as that described above (book #1140-A). Describes each species and variety. With distribution maps and keys. 467 b/w figures (drawings); 831 pages, 6-¼" x 9-¼", softbound$69.95
1140-C FLORA NEOTROPICA MONOGRAPH NO. 14, PART 3: BROMELIOIDEAE - L. Smith (1979). Same format and style of book as above two titles. 831 pages. 6-1/4” x 9-1/4”, softbound$79.95
XXXXXGARDEN PLANTS OF THE TROPICS (Venezuela) - F. Oliva-Esteva (1986). This book has a heavy emphasis on bromeliads. Please check this 429-page book (over 500 color photos) out in our Greenhouse section D-I.
1170-C GRANDE MAGAZINE - (1978). - This quarterly publication regrettably ceased after only one year-back in 1978. Approximately 30 pages per issue (120 pages total for the single year). These four issues are truly a collector's item. There are approximately 224 color photos total for the year (56 color photos per issue), with matching 10-15 b/w photos per issue. The magazine is 8-1/2” x 11” in size. Articles are varied, such as: variegated bromeliads; a tribute to Mulford B. Foster; many more. Out of print for over 20 years. Our stock is extremely limited; first come, first served!.NO LONGER AVAILABLE
1180 GROWING BROMELIADS - Brom.Soc.Australia (1990). Essential reading for anyone who seeks info. about the bromeliad family and its generic members and the environmental conditions of their native habitat. 95 gorgeous large color photographs, 112 pages, 8" x 10", softbound w/heavy color cover........... Not Currently Available
1190NOTES ON BROMELIACEAE I-XXXII (1953-1971) - Lyman Smith. A massive 669 page account of Mr. Smith's notes of field collected plants during this period. 7" x 10", softbound$19.95
1195PLANT LIFE MAGAZINE (FIRST BROMELIACEAE EDITION) - July-Oct. 1945 - This rare, out-of-print edition, thought to be unavailable, has cropped up in limited supply. 79 pages, articles by Lyman Smith, Mulford & Racine Foster, David Barry Jr., Ladislaus Cutak lend credibility to the fact that this booklet was extremely well written, with 18 excellent b/w photos, 36 b/w drawings. A rare find of a piece of literature. 6" x 9", staplebound $9.95

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